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Christian Brothers' Primary School, Armagh
Christian Brothers' Primary School, Armagh

Arrangements for Induction Socruithe Ionduchtúcháin

During the summer term, children to be admitted to Primary 1 in September, will be invited to come to the school for a morning with their parents, to meet the teacher and to be provided with additional information.

More details will be sent to parents when admission has been approved. When a child starts school, the day-to-day routine is very different from that of home and this is a big adjustment for any child. Do reassure him/her by talking happily about school each day and showing no anxiety yourself about the new venture. Remember that your child’s attitude will be caught from you. You can explain that when he/she comes home at the end of the day everything will be waiting as before. Help your child to understand that you want to share this whole exciting adventure. Remember he/she may come home from school tired and without much to say about the day ... so wait until he/she is ready to share it with you ... perhaps at bedtime or in the bath ... and go on from there.

Try to develop a true partnership between home and school and you will have begun a relationship which will benefit your child throughout school life.