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Christian Brothers' Primary School, Armagh
Christian Brothers' Primary School, Armagh

Admission Criteria Critéir Iontrála

Admission Criteria / Critéir Iontrála  

The Board of Governors will apply admission criteria to identify children who should be admitted either at initial admission to education (P1) or on transfer from another school. In selecting children for admission children resident in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission to the school will be selected for admission to the school before any child not so resident. The full details of the admission criteria is published in the ‘Open Enrolment ‘ Booklet supplied by Southern Education & Library Board.  

Admission / Iontráil 

If the school’s admission and enrolment numbers have not been reached the school will admit all children of compulsory school age whose parents wish them to attend the school. If children reach their 4th birthday by 1 July 2012 they are of compulsory school age and should start primary education in September 2013. Parents of children under compulsory school age, who wish their child to be educated through the medium of Irish will be admitted to the Irish Medium nursery, in accordance with the admission criteria.