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Christian Brothers' Primary School, Armagh
Christian Brothers' Primary School, Armagh

School Curriculum Curaclam na Scoile

It is the policy of the Board of Governors of Armagh Christian Brothers’ Primary School that all pupils will receive their full entitlement of education under the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Christian Brothers’ Primary School, Armagh will offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced and which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development of the pupils.

We strive to give every child the opportunity to experience success. The curriculum will seek to prepare the pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. It will also be the aim of the school to maximise the potential of each pupil.

In the CBS we follow the Revised Curriculum. The priorities of the Revised Curriculum are the development of your child’s knowledge and understanding, alongside an emphasis in the development of skills.

The Foundation Stage (Primary 1 & 2 / Rang 1 & 2) is designed to give your child opportunities as they start school to learn in practical ways, for example, involving well planned and challenging structured play activities.

Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1 /Key Stage 2

Areas covered / Achair Clúdaithe

  • Language & Literacy (English & Irish)
  • The Arts (Art and Design Drama & Music)
  • The World Around Us (Geography, History, Science & Technology)
  • Personal Development & Mutual Understanding
  • Physical Education
  • Religion

Cross-Curricular Skills / Scileanna Tras-Churaclaim

  • Communication
  • Using Maths
  • Using Information & Communication Technologies

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities - TSPC / Scileanna Smaointeoireachta agus Ábaltachtaí Pearsanta

  • Thinking Problem-Solving & Decision Making
  • Self-Management
  • Working with Others
  • Managing Information
  • Being Creative

Teachers will make use of a wide range of teaching methods, balancing whole class, group and individual activities.